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Country Brook Design 1 Inch Black Heavy Nylon Webbing, 10 Yards

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Manufacturer Country Brook Design
Brand Country Brook Design
Color Black
UPC 029741342064
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8 Jul 2017

How Rock Climbing Is Soaring In Popularity In The Extreme Sport Genre

Rock climbing is the sport where you climb steep rocks and it was first done in England. By 1930 some hundred climbing resorts opened in England alone and people started the sport of rock climbing.

18 Jul 2017

Styles Of Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing is a sport that involves climbing precipices and scaling rock faces. Often pursued as a hobby, rock climbing includes the usage of specialized equipment and techniques.

8 Aug 2017

Learning To Get A Grip On Rock Climbing Shoes

A type of footwear specially designed and used for climbing rocks and cliffs are known as climbing shoes. These are also known as kletterschuh.

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    20 Jul 2017 Posted By Oliver H.

    Rockclimbing And Tendonitis

    There are many risks to rock climbing. Some of them are more serious than others and some of them are downright uncommon. However, there is one common risk that many rock climbers overlook, the risk of chronic tendonitis.

  • Blog Entry
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    7 Aug 2017 Posted By Ivan V.

    The Basics Of Footwork In Rock Climbing

    The basics of rock climbing start with footwork. Knowing how to place you feet when climbing is necessary as missteps can lead to any number of disasters. Following a few basic tips to get you started, you can ensure you have the proper footwork techniques down and avoid any future missteps.

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    Manufacturer: Country Brook Design Brand: Country Brook Design Color: Black

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